Oral and Poster Presentations

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Offers of papers and posters for submission

The meetings of the IOBC Working Groups are different from a conference; the main aim is to discuss problems, topics and methods that might not necessarily have yielded publishable results to date; this is why the preferred presentation type of our WG is an ORAL presentation.

  • The Scientific programme of the meeting will include the submission of scientific works. We plan to prepare the Preceedings (pdf version; hard copies are no longer produced), that will be published as an IOBC-WPRS Bulletin  – to be distributed at the meeting.
  • All Participants (oral presenters and posters) are invited to submit a manuscript based on their presentation for publication in the Bulletin. Those not wishing to submit a full manuscript are requested to submit an extended abstract (2 pages).
  • Offers of papers and posters will be considered by the Scientific Committee.
  •  If you do not receive an acknowledgement e-mail within one week of your submission, please contact iobczagreb2018@gmail.com
  • Registration of at least one of the authors from each presentation will be required for each accepted presentation.
Full papers will undergo full scientific rewiev.

How to prepare your abstract/ manuscript for the IOBC-WPRS Bulletin

  • Manuscripts should be submitted in English. To avoid unnecessary delays in the production of the Bulletin, authors are kindly requested to adhere to IOBC manuscript format. You can download the instructions here (pdf, docx). Manuscripts that do not comply with the formal requirements will be sent back to the authors for corrections.
  • Extended Abstracts are limited to 2 pages and should include some background to the study, brief descriptions of materials and methods, a brief outline of results if applicable, with or without illustration(s) and a short discussion underlining the implications of the study for Integrated Control in Oilseed Crops.  Extended Abstracts should include references as appropriate.
  • Prepared abstracts and manuscripts should be sent to iobczagreb2018@gmail.com
Full papers will undergo full scientific rewiev.

Oral presentations

  • All presentations will be in English. Oral presentations will about 15-20 min including time for discussion. You are asked to prepare a presentation at least 5 minutes shorter than a time slot, to allow enough time for discussion.
  • The Scientific Committee may suggest other type of presentations, such as a panel discussion, including presentations from invited speakers.
  • Only PC data projection will be available during the meeting.
  • Each room will be provided with a laptop with the latest updated version of MS OFFICE 2016.
  • The use of personal laptops is technically not possible. The organizers will delete the presentations after the session/meeting; no presentations will be kept for further distribution without permission.
  • Speakers are kindly requested to handle their presentation to the technician at the conference corner as early as possible during the Seminar and check its operation.
  • Power Point presentation is the preferred means of presentation and should be transferred via USB memory stick.
  • For your presentation please prepare slides which details will be clear and readable from far way (font > 20 pts)


  • Poster dimensions will be maximum 90 cm wide and 120 cm high.
  • Poster content should be well organized for clear presentation.
  • Use font size and pictures/graphs that can comfortably be read from a distance of 1.5-2.0 meters and minimize text.